Janka Kreißl DUNKELBLAU Leipzig KrisenkommunikationJanka Kreißl DUNKELBLAU Leipzig Krisenkommunikation

Crisis Communications

In more than 10 years, we have helped over 300 clients in acute crises and exceptional situations to communicate complex issues to their stakeholders. For this purpose, we are deployed on site or in the external crisis team.

Here’s how we can support you:

  • On-site intervention

    Your crisis team needs support at the site? Our team will be with you within a short time to help with crisis management and communication.

  • Remote help

    Does your team work remotely or at different locations? We can support you by phone or video call with organisational and strategic questions.

  • Network of experts

    If necessary, we will immediately activate our extensive network and quickly put you in touch with the best experts to solve your problem.

Crisis Communications – Our Approach


Before, during and after: Crises are unforeseen events that are difficult to avoid. Therefore, crisis communication must take place at all times. Whether it is maintaining relations with stakeholders in peacetime, communicating during the crisis or the immediate follow-up and evaluation afterwards: we are always there for you and can start at any point.

All stakeholders in view: Crisis is when your stakeholders believe it is a crisis. Therefore, our consulting approach is clearly based on stakeholder perception: We keep an eye on the needs and expectations of the various stakeholder groups. Even with complex stakeholder networks, we help you not to lose sight of the essentials.

Crisis-specific approach: Not all crises are the same. What matters is how much responsibility is attributed to you – for the occurrence and resolution of the situation. This attribution is always dynamic. We classify the situation and build our strategy and solutions on it.

Individual approach: Based on the current situation and the type of crisis at hand, we derive individual response strategies. These help you to meet the expectations of your stakeholders adequately and in the best possible way and to reduce disappointment.

Cyber & Ransomware Attacks

Cyber attacks, especially ransomware attacks, pose a threat to companies of all sizes and industries. One of the biggest challenges in dealing with them is the time pressure: experts from different disciplines have to be acquired and coordinated, and at the same time the pressure to act towards different stakeholder groups increases. We have extensive experience in dealing with cyber-attacks, handling and communicating with attackers and have an extensive network of experts from IT, auditing and legal consulting – we help you save time and money and protect your reputation.

Crisis? We communicate.