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We accompany top managers in highly complex situations. Management decisions are associated with a high level of risk and mistakes have a lasting impact on the company or organisation. Benefit from our unbiased perspective on strategic issues.

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Analysis and situation report: A strategy is only as good as the situation assessment on which it was developed. That is why we use numerous analytical methods to be able to give our clients the best possible strategic assessment and recommendation. Even in a dynamic environment, we continuously analyse the current situation, evaluate it and prepare the information for you.

Scenario development: Based on the situation assessment, we develop scenarios to depict future developments and interrelationships. With a special focus on possible risks and their impact, we analyse the damage potential for each scenario. The focus here is on damage prevention.

Strategy: Whether in everyday business or during acute crises: Strategy is our core business. It is the decisive basis for all our operational and communicative recommendations and measures. To achieve the desired goals, we bring together your self-perception and the perception of your stakeholders to develop a consistent basis for our approach.

Options for action: We help managers to make informed decisions by showing the advantages and disadvantages of different courses of action. Especially in dynamic situations, the speed of decision-making is a key success factor for companies and organisations. Due to our many years of activity and experience in the field of strategy, we can increase the quality as well as the quantity in this area.

Measures and resources: Strategy maps out the path – but goals are only achieved through concrete measures. We derive action steps that lead to results. Success also requires appropriate resources and competencies. That’s why we do not only advise you, but also work with you and your team to ensure successful implementation.

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Our expertise

We are a well-coordinated team with years of experience in complex and difficult-to-manage situations. Do you need a clear roadmap through the situation, reliable risk assessments or a well thought-out strategy? We help.

Our Team

„Stealing Thunder“ as a strategy in crises

(Reappraisal, expert opinions and external investigations)

“Stealing thunder” is a tactic used to weaken the force of the opponent’s argument – by putting the argument itself into play first. To do this, one must know the accusations precisely and have understood them better in depth than the critics. In the case of systematic misconduct in the past, equally systematic reappraisals are often the best strategic decision. And their results must be communicated at the end.

We have experience in setting up, accompanying and concluding reappraisal processes. We work together with historians, lawyers and business economists and plan the publications in such a way that you can act with freedom again in the future. We consult experts from our network to find the right approach.

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