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Experts for Crisis Management


Our network makes us strong

Our expertise in crisis management and crisis communication enables organisations to act in a coordinated manner even in the most difficult situations. Clients benefit from our resilient relationships: Depending on the situation, we bring in renowned experts from all relevant areas of law, IT forensics and cyber-incident response. Depending on the case, we can recommend exactly the specialists we trust and whom you need. We have very good contacts to relevant media, influential NGOs and solvent investors. As a member of various professional and industry associations such as DPRG and GWPR, we participate in industry-defining debates.

Expertise through specialisation

We have been established as a consultancy for crisis management and crisis communication for over ten years. We know that the communicative aspects of a special situation are only one component of a complex mixture – that is why we take into account the interests of all experts involved within the framework of strategic communication. Our extensive experience from a wide range of mandates enables us to make decisions quickly, even under great uncertainty, to justify them towards all those involved and to implement them.


  • Focus

    We advise companies and organisations of all sizes and sectors as a strategic partner – with a clear focus on the areas of crisis prevention, crisis management and crisis communication.

  • Control

    The aim of our work is to install crisis prevention as a management process. In this way, public relations becomes active reputation management – through control at the highest level.

  • Antifragility

    We think in terms of clear structures and establish sustainable processes to make companies and organisations permanently crisis-proof, so that you become stronger under pressure.

  • Interdisciplinary

    Our actions are characterised by a profound understanding of legal, business management and communication necessities. We work with renowned partners on an equal footing.

  • Judgement

    We are experts in matters that require explanation, complex systems and multi-layered expectations. We are able to familiarise ourselves with topics in all sectors at an above-average speed and depth.

  • Agenda Setting

    Classic PR agencies are supposed to increase the visibility of brands and products. Our mission, on the other hand, is to reduce public perception – by managing expectations and avoiding disappointment.

Discretion is part of our DNA

Our clients come from almost all walks of life, are family businesses or DAX corporations, sports associations or public institutions. We define goals for them, find the best strategy and develop effective measures. In doing so, we weigh up all the interests for the benefit of our clients – their reputation is the most important thing to protect.

Here we show a small selection of our clients from over a decade of consultancy work.

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