Viola Deville




Viola Deville is originally from Wuppertal and graduated in 2022 with a Bachelor in Psychology at the University of Jena. During her studies, she specialized in work and organizational psychology and was involved in an honorary association, which simulates staff selection procedures with students. Since 2022, Viola has been studying Psychology in Work, Education and Society at the University of Leipzig. In the summer of 2023, she completed an internship in an organizational consultancy, where she expanded her knowledge in the fields of analysis strategies, business development and strategy planning.

Viola‘s strength lies in her structured, efficient way of working, with which she always keeps an overview even in exceptional situations and is able to react immediately. Due to Viola‘s psychological background, she contributes an analytical perspective to our clients and always considers the impact of strategies on all the individuals involved. Her main topics are the effective analysis of structures, the establishment of crisis processes and the choice of an appropriate strategy in the event of a crisis.

Viola is currently a honorary member of the steering committee at p:act.