Janka Kreißl Senior-Beraterin DUNKELBLAU

Janka Kreißl

Senior Consultant


Janka Kreißl studied journalism and English at the University of Leipzig and worked for PR and marketing agencies, in technical documentation and in corporate communications, among other things. For almost three years she went to sea as an officer on cruise ships – a good basis for her work today, where she accompanies organisations through stormy times with strategic vision and communicative expertise.

Janka’s strength lies in thinking in a structured manner even in challenging situations, acting pragmatically and handling tasks with great accuracy and care. She is open, empathetic and authentic and is thus able to quickly establish a personal relationship with people even in exceptional situations – an important basis for a trusting cooperation.

Janka is a member of Global Women in PR (GWPR), the German Public Relations Association (DPRG) and the 3rd Generation East network, among others. The topic of East German socialisation and the resulting transformation competence as well as the representation of East German women in leadership positions are particularly close to her heart. As a speaker, she uses practical examples to explain to CISOs, CIOs and CEOs   what good crisis management can achieve – and what happens when organisations do not prepare adequately for exceptional situations.